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The financial planning process is utilized to determine your specific financial objectives such as the accumulation of assets, the ability to provide educational funding for your children or the funding of a comfortable retirement. However, the success of reaching these stated financial goals is dependent upon the proper management of your investment portfolio.

Successful investment management begins with an Asset Allocation Analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to weigh the expected rewards from an investment against the risk associated with that decision. At Capital Planning Consultants we believe that asset allocation is the most important variable in determining the rate of return from a portfolio of securities. This means the percentage of your dollars that are invested in stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, cash, etc. will far outweigh the effects of the individual security decisions. Simply stated, asset allocation is a process by which your investment assets are allocated to various specific classes of assets to construct an efficient, diversified portfolio in relationship to your tolerance for risk.

Investment management is much more than simply buying and selling securities.
At Capital Planning Consultants:

             • We believe markets are usually, but not always rational.
             • We are long-term investors who focus on value.
             • We combine detailed data analysis with judgment and intuition.
             • Asset allocation drives our portfolio strategy, but security selection plays an important supporting
role in executing our strategy.
             • We believe a consistently executed and well-defined discipline increases the probability of  
vestment success.  
             • We use diversification to control risk, a critical part of our success.
             • We offer model portfolios for different levels of risk tolerances.

Investment management is a blend of art and science. Past performance is useful, but just picking the stocks, bonds and mutual funds that performed best in the past is not a good way to build a portfolio for the future. That’s why our portfolios reflect a well thought out and disciplined approach to both asset allocation and security selection.


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